Shh, That’s Taboo

It's time we talk about the secrets, the taboo topics, and trauma. Trigger Warning: Abuse, sexual abuse, children, and violence are mentioned and spoken about Mental Illness & Culture If you ask most Caribbean natives about mental health you will hear, "you're mad", "you sick" or "you nuh good in ya head." There's an extreme… Continue reading Shh, That’s Taboo

Religion or Mental Health Issues?

This post is going to have a glossary for an explanation of slang used.  The main type of mental illness that is being focused on in this post is psychosis and schizophrenia spectrum disorder; The however, this may be generalizable to other mental illnesses.  Walking on Glass You’re probably asking yourself what does mental health… Continue reading Religion or Mental Health Issues?


Hey! Welcome to InsideChats, where I'll be talking about my experiences within the Caribbean culture regarding mental health and mental health services. This includes both my testimony about the personal struggles I have faced and those I continue to face, as well as my experiences as a mental health counselor in the Caribbean. I hope… Continue reading Welcome